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Guide Dog  
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The Pearl River Lions Club supports GUIDING EYES FOR THE BLIND as one of our regular beneficiaries.

Services for the blind and visually-impaired is one of the main functions of the Lions Clubs internationally.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind, located in Yorktown Heights, is an independent non-profit organization, considered one of the leading guide dog training schools in the world. Itís not unusual for any one of itís four footed graduates to perform heroically. But never was this more vividly demonstrated than on 9-11, when Salty, a trained guide-dog, led his owner, Omar Rivera, to safety down from the 71st floor of Tower 1 of the World Trade Center.

In 2002, the Pearl River Lions Club participated in a special program of Guiding Eyes for the Blind to pick a name for a new guide-dog.  By selling chances and soliciting donations in front of the Shop-Rite supermarket in Pearl River, the Pearl River Lions Club raised $2,000 from shoppers.  Matching-fund corporate donations were also sought for this program.

The name chosen and submitted to Guiding Eyes for the Blind for the new guide-dog was "Pirate", which is the nickname of all the sports teams of our local Pearl River High School.

As one of our Lion members has said, "The Lions Club, the largest service organization in the world, was inspired directly by Helen Keller and tasked by her to bring sight to the world. We have undertaken this task, to raise money to support Guiding Eyes for the Blind as part of that mission.  One hundred percent of the money we collect from donors goes directly to charity. Any and all operating costs are covered by members dues."  

For further information on all our charitable programs, you may contact our Club President, John Buonadonna, at 914-735-6165 (work).


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